Updating cross references in word kazaroza online dating

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Updating cross references in word

Revisit that issue and once it's fixed come back to your cross reference and it should be there.You might notice that your cross-references may not update automatically as you edit the document.

To update all the references in a file, select the whole document and use the Update Field option.If you're doing that, then when you click to insert your cross-reference after your intro (ex: "As defined in paragraph ") choose the reference type of "Numbered Item" and "Paragraph Number" as the thing to insert a reference to.When you do that all of your numbered paragraphs will appear in the "For which numbered item" box at the bottom of the dialog box.First let's use a simpler example and that's referencing text that is on a particular page.To do that click on the text you want to reference and create a bookmark (Insert Cross-Reference, select "Bookmark" as the reference type and "Page number" under "Insert reference to".

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Other types of referenced material in Word share the Update Field option and the F9 shortcut with cross-references.