Sex and love addicts anonymous online meetings

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Sex and love addicts anonymous online meetings

Inside a gray four-story building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the paid members, staff, and faculty of NSFW – part private sex club for millenials, part digital brand marketing agency – have gathered to drink, smoke and screw in between workshops about sex, cannabis and wellness.

In the basement, next to a king-size bed with a mirrored headboard, mistresses are dominating their submissive male partners, teasingly stroking their penises, squeezing their testicles and pinching their nipples.

The guard on duty is losing patience as he paces the shoreline in his cherry-red board shorts. The group of guys waiting by the rocks in their speedos, wetsuits and fins – some showing no shortage of girth and grey hair – make their way into the churning water.

A yellow flag with a large black dot, signifying a ban on boards in the water, hangs over the lifeguard stand. ” The ocean finally empties out, stragglers pulling their boards behind them.A woman with red hair and tasteful tattoos is being tied up.She’s doubled over across a bench that looks like something you’d do curls on at a gym.She rode the less threatening waves, often floating over or diving under the big ones. “You swim under the wave, hold onto ground and feel your eyelids shudder and pressure on your jaw,” she says. “Life kind of takes over and you get a real job and get a family,” she says. Now, she says, in addition to being a place to see old friends and dodge waves, the Wedge is a place for her kids to meet their uncles.* * * t’s another late August day at the Wedge, and the blackball is on, and Lance Jencks is getting ready for his dip.

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Her tall, bespectacled boyfriend begins striking her back and rear end with a cat-o-nine-tails dungeon whip.