Mike modano dating

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Yet after taking some time to reflect, Modano came back to the Stars and took what many felt was a discounted contract to stay with the team that drafted him.There's no doubt now that Modano will retire as a Dallas Star and will go down as the greatest player in franchise history.

“Richie” (Brad Richards) had been over there before, as well as some other guys.But for a lot of us this was our first time to play in Scotland.He was the one who spearheaded everything and got in touch with a company that created our itinerary. Andrews, the New Course and the Jubilee Course at St.We're not going to go through a long, drawn out retrospective on the past ten years; we all know how the Stars have gone from Stanley Cup finalists to what they are now.Three coaches, a bevy of first round playoff losses and one extremely disappointing season in 2008.

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His only ventures out into mainstream media have been aimed at pushing his goals of bringing attention to causes he supports such as same-sex marriage and anti-bullying campaigns.