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This put us 224 miles from Charleston bar--the "miles" referred to being nautical ones, a fraction longer than the statute measurement.On this day the captain and mate went vigorously to work reducing to a system. These provisions were taken from the general store, and cooked in the galley.

The steerage passengers would each, between the intervals of his or her own attacks, laugh at, and imitate with grotesque gestures and words, some unfortunate comrade, amid the uproarious hilarity of the others.

The passengers of the Azor had been forewarned, and seemed to have made up their minds to submit with equanimity.

I would take this opportunity to give notice that, having been rocked in the cradle of the deep, I am prepared to sell out my stock in that article of furniture on extremely moderate terms, the subscriptions having been (very) fully paid in, and no dividends having as yet been drawn.

The cabin passengers composed the élite--the créme de la créme The quarter deck composed the "West end" of the Azor (she was steering east) and there the foot of the plebeian who lived and moved and had his being in the lower strata of the steerage could not tread.

The captain, the two mates and I, the only white souls aboard, represented those frayed ends of society ashore who are tolerated everywhere, welcomed nowhere.

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