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Karibu dating

Your gaze stays fixated as your anticipation builds. As your safari vehicle draws near the source of the aerial disturbance, you feel a slight trembling on the ground.

Suddenly, the immense shapes of wildebeests begin to emerge from the dust.

Mane-less lions, hyenas and cheetahs elegantly stalk their prey of gazelles, elands, impalas and other small creatures from the cover of tall grasses in Tsavo East and West National Parks!

These common animals are plenty to keep you intrigued and engaged, but imagine your excitement at seeing some of Kenya’s rarest fauna – African wild dogs, sable antelopes and many more!

Visit magical Kenya, and experience all that Africa offers.

The intrigue and adventure of Kenya reaches back into the birth of mankind, stretches along miles of white sand beaches and journeys into dense forests and divergent deserts.

The massive volume of water rushes past to create a treacherous challenge for even the strongest of the wildebeests.

You also notice several stealthy animals – ferocious crocodiles trolling the water, awaiting the onrush of their prey.

As you pass the herd, flashes of black and white signify the presence of zebras.Joy fills your heart, though, as you see a mother help her exhausted calf climb the slippery slope on the other side of the river.Just as quickly as the crossing began, the wildebeest herd disappears into the distance on their never-ending journey for Kenya’ richest grazing grounds.Lions, leopards, cheetahs and other powerful hunters thrive on resident prey animals year-round, and the wildebeest migration brings a greater bounty to the plains., you are introduced to the “Samburu Special Five” – Somali ostriches, grevy’s zebras, reticulated giraffes, beisa oryxes and gerenuks.

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Thousands more wildebeests follow in an onslaught of movement, transforming the swirling river into a frenzy of splashing water, drowning calves and battling prey and ferocious predator like crocodiles.

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