Im dating a mormon missionary

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Im dating a mormon missionary

Non-committal make-out sessions during 'english' class. For example, I have heard stories of missionaires going surfing when they are supposed to be doing missionary work,or just spending time playing monopoly etc and falsely recording that time as spent doing tracting.

Constantly - by St Matthew Snowmobiling, crosscountry skiing, hiking, sightseeing...was all there was to do. District Leaders and Zone Leaders were hundreds of miles away from most Elders.

Consequently, many missionaries who are regulated 24 hours a day (when to wake, pray, eat, work, who to speak to, write to, what to read, what to deny yourself, tv, news, contact with family, etc.) find it necessary for their emotional and physical well being to break out of some of the rules and take time to nourish themselves.

Denied of family contact, normal contact with the world, emotional support, and having to work longer hours than anyone does in a regular job, EVERY MISSIONARY reaches a point where they have to find ways, whether subtle or more obvious, to do things for their own well being that are contrary to the mission rules which deny they have any human needs.

I had a few companions that were real tight asses, and unfortunately getting sent home early wasn't worth it to me. Then if we're supposted to be home by 9, then what's the point? We had Cell phones, so "Hey ZL's, our home phone is disconnected and the Land Lady is working on it. As a DL, me, my comp and the other two mishies in my city went to Midnight Mass on xmas eve and then had a barbeque at the other mishies house, and stayed up till 3 or 4 listening to xmas carol tapes when it was 85 degrees outside. Report from France - by Stitcher Served in France--did a fair amount of extracurricular traveling.

I WISH I would have had more fun..memorable rule breaking included... Took a side trip to Cologn Germany--toured the city--checked out the porno shops. Was "spotted" by the AP's going to movies downtown. Fugettaboutit--fantasy stats keep you in good standing.

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He also knew that they had taken advantage of the mission president’s absence to have copious sex, right there at missionary headquarters. The Order only recruits and accepts the most attractive young Mormon boys as candidates for membership, and Ricci and Lindsay definitely qualify. “We’ll begin the process with Elder Lindsay, while you consider what to do.

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