Christian dating behavior

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Christian dating behavior

Using 1 John as the reference point, this study will take you through eight weeks of developing a deeper spiritual walk.

3 Session Bible Study Decades after the Civil Rights Movement, America is still dealing with racism.

This book teaches us about real faith by giving us God's Word on some of the most daily realities of following Jesus, including suffering, temptation, obedience, social justice and compassion, speech, and prayer.

7 Session Bible Study In this seven-session Bible study, the apostle Peter shows us how to think differently, which will radically affect our behavior.

Recognizing the centuries-old mistreatment of minority groups, how should Christians respond to racism?You can use these studies in your personal devotions, or study with a group!Either way, these popular studies will infuse wisdom into your daily Bible reading.In it, you'll find articles that will challenge and grow your understanding of prayer.You'll find insights to help you evaluate your time in prayer, as well as advice for strengthening and revitalizing it.

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This kind of obedience will create a radical change in our relationships, so that our quality of life will improve.

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  1. “Medical insurance companies have begun showing interest in working with us as well, as their statistics show that teaching couples the skills for emotionally healthy relationships increases both the emotional and the physical health of both spouses,” she said.