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As for vocabulary, its richness is considerable and highly diversified.Sanskrit has for centuries lent itself admirably to the diverse rules of prosody and versification.Because of this book with the Latin translations made a false inquiry that our system of numeration is arabic in origin.

And there was strong motivation: Pope Gregory XIII set up a committee to look into modernising the Julian calendar. "Similarly there was a rising need for better navigational methods including keeping accurate time on voyages of exploration and large prizes were offered to mathematicians who specialised in astronomy."But there is also little knowledge of the medieval form of the local language of Kerala, Malayalam, in which some of most seminal texts, such as the Yuktibhasa, from much of the documentation of this remarkable mathematics is written." "For some unfathomable reasons, the standard of evidence required to claim transmission of knowledge from East to West is greater than the standard of evidence required to knowledge from West to East." The Brahmi numerals that have been found in caves and on coins around Mumbai from around the first century AD use horizontal lines for 1 to 3.

His earlier book Time: Towards a Consistent Theory (Kluwer Academic, 1994) set out a new physics with a tilt in the arrow of time.

He has been a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study and is a Professor of Computer revealed how calculus, an Indian invention, was picked up by the Jesuit priests from Kerala in the second half of the 16th century and taken to Europe. Overtime, people forgot this link and the Europeans began to claim calculus as their own invention.

Knowledge of the Hindu system spread through the Arab world, reaching the Arabs of the West in Spain before the end of the tenth century.

The earliest European manuscript, which came from the Hindu numerals were modified in north-Spain from the year 976.

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We owe the discovery of modern numeration and the elaboration of the very foundations of written calculations to India alone."It is clear how much we owe to this brilliant civilization, and not only in the field of arithmetic; by opening the way to the generalization of the concept of the number, the Indian scholars enabled the rapid development of mathematics and exact sciences.

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