Bikaji rasgulla online dating

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Bikaji rasgulla online dating

His immediate family owns the Bhikharam Chandamal brand.

This is bhujia bastion - all you can smell is spices.But market analysts are unanimous in their verdict that the Agarwals have held their own, despite spending very little money on modern marketing.Their key strategy, Agarwals say, is distribution and control over all aspects of production.Most of the Agarwals are keen to expand, and say their products, especially the small sachets that cost Rs 5 and Rs 10, are business cycle-invariant.How do they maintain price points when costs increase? There's one expansion line most Agarwals are not interested in: roasted snacks.

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It may be considered a healthy snack option, but for Bikaner's bhujiawalahs, not frying a snack is almost sacrilege.

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