Best free adult online texting site

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Best free adult online texting site

One very good advantage of this site is that it offers an alternative to have problems signing up with Text Now because they cannot find a VPN or good US proxy.

But in Pinger Textfree, anyone can sign up, access and use it for free.

Visit the site here: r thttps:// The site offers 10 public phone numbers from a total of 8 countries to receive sms online.

The countries are the US, Sweden, Hungary, Lithuania, Australia, Spain and Norway.

It offers 5 phone numbers from the US and 3 from the UK to receive text messages online.

Visit the site here: The last on the list nut probably the best is the

However, the disadvantage is that they have a common problem where users receive generic error message which says " Something went wrong with your sign up, please try again" when attempting to sign up.

Visit the site here: https:// The site offers numbers from the US and Hungary.

The only drawback of this service is that of frequent outage of the website which is frustrating to users. This is also an incredible website that can be used in receiving text messages online when you want to keep your real phone number to yourself.

You are encouraged to pick a number from a list of numbers for the service. The only disadvantage is that there secondary domain server could be done at any moment preventing you from using the service.

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The following sites are the top 10 free sites where you can receive SMS online without your real phone number.

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