Aniston dating jennifer not vaughn vince

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People over ever cared about When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got Mail, but all three were written by Nora Ephron and the latter two were also directed by her.

Ryan tried the same thing Jennifer Aniston just did with Cake when she played a drunk in When a Man Loves a Woman (didn't she get a SAG nod for it? That said, Ryan got fucked over when she had an affair with Russell Crowe, even though her marriage to Dennis Quaid was over. And then of course she fucked up her face with all of the plastic surgery.

I don't see Reese Witherspoon in the same category--she's pulled off some more serious stuff and she's got a sideline playing bitches that means she's always been able to do more than rom-coms.

Also, she's married to an agent, has picked up the producing thing and is *driven.* If she weren't, that drunk bitch moment would have killed her career; instead she netted a nomination for Wild and made money producing Gone Girl.

She'll be around somehow, though not necessarily as a star.

The other one who really disappeared besides Meg Ryan was Renee Zellwegger.

And I also think you're selling Elsa short - Golden Globe in 1957, cult icon as Bride of Frankenstein, successful nightclub singing act producing album "Bawdy English Songs", popular and charming chat show guest, wrote a clever autobiography, has quite a long list of films and other appearances on imdb - she succeeded past 40 with a lot of panache, imo moreso than Beatrice Lillie, Estelle Getty and others of her ilk (including Betty White)I don't think Meg Ryan was ever anywhere near Julia Roberts' level.Is there a place for a ditsy single mid fifties supporting character actress in movies now? With what she did to herself what work could she possibly get now? She had a really scandalous fling with Russell Crowe that was completley opposite of her perceived public persona of America's sweetheart.In the old days she'd be the oldest stenographer in the pool who showed the younger ones the ropes. She got terrible PR advice, and everyone liked Dennis Quaid.2.She got some of the worst plastic surgery in the business, rivaling Jennifer Grey's unrecognizable transformation.An actress might survive one of those things, but not both."Betty White! Perfect example how to age as a cutie."Good point R35 and R37.

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There was a gossip item revealed that Crowe actually made a bet with crew members on "Proof of Life" that he could seduce Meg; it was just scoring points for him. Gained a little weight, changed the hair, and gone to dramatic TV or something.