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The promoters and seller of Adya Clarity and other black mica extracts are telling people that it’s all you need to use to purify any water from any source (rivers, lakes, tap, etc.).However, the inventors of this product state very clearly in the patent application that the mica mineral reagent is only one step in the water purification process and that you also need to: a) Filter the water first with a “filtering chamber” to remove large or visible debris b) Then an active charcoal filtration layer is needed to remove anions and a vermion filtration layer is needed to remove cations, “Such ions include cations of ammonia, calcium, manganese, or ions of chlorine, fluorine, nitric acid and nitrous acid”.And perhaps, like me, you’re wondering how much is hype and how much is genuine?Here’s the story behind Adya Clarity and other black mica products as stated in an email promotion: “In the 1960s, Dr.There’s a version of the magnetic sulfate mineral solution that Dr. Once the toxins and contaminants are extracted, they become inert substances that are rendered harmless, as well as insoluble, thereby preventing them from being re-absorbed by the water.In addition to cleaning the water and getting rid of all the heavy metals, the solution also remineralizes it with the highest quality minerals.” Promoters say that when you use Adya Clarity (black mica extract – whatever that is; how do you make an extract from a rock?

And the water would thereafter stay fresh and clean permanently because the contaminants never re-dissolve in water once the water is treated. When you put a dropper full of the solution into a glass of tap water, you’ll see before your very eyes how the solution pulls the invisible toxins and contaminants from the water, gathering them together into larger-sized, visible particulates that are heavier than water, causing them to precipitate (sink) to the bottom of the glass.

c) Lastly, the black mica (Adya Clarity) is added to “insolubulize organic materials dissolved in sewage and sterilize bacteria”.

So, this is a very important distinction to keep in mind: That Adya Clarity on its own is NOT sufficient to sterilize water from all sources – according to the inventor of the product.

The patent application document answered a number of my questions, but also raised some important new ones.

If you read through the patent document, you will see that my question of “How do they make an extract from a rock anyway? They do it using sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid.

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If it worked it would be worth every penny, if not… So, before I took the plunge and plunked down my cash, I emailed Jim Haszinger – who manufacturers the nanoparticle minerals I have already written about extensively and which my whole family uses – to see if he had tested this product and what his thoughts are.