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Accommodating my request

A lawyer can also help you make sure the accommodation provided is suitable.

And, if your employer continues to drag its heels or ignore you, a lawyer can help you file a charge of discrimination to protect your right to file a disability discrimination lawsuit.

Jennings really listens to my concerns and answers whatever questions I have. Essentially, this means the employer must talk to the employee and collaborate on finding a reasonable accommodation.The employer does not have to grant a specific accommodation requested by the employee, as long as the employer works with the employee to come up with an effective accommodation.They include: An employer need not provide an accommodation that would create an undue hardship.If an accommodation would involve significant difficult or expense for the employer or would fundamentally alter the nature or operation of the business, that constitutes an undue hardship.

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A lawyer can help you assess your situation and demand the accommodation to which you are legally entitled.